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Reasons why our paints are still chosen half a century after we were founded.

We manufacture paints that can actually be used in your production line. In case one of our conventional paints won’t do, we will examine your product requirements together with you, and develop a satisfactory paint just for you.
Instead of offering ready-made products, we can propose special paints to match each condition of use or purpose, and then make them as actual products.
We can offer product lines that meet your real-world requirements because we have been engaged in producing vacuum deposition paints for half a century.

What is vacuum deposition paint?

Vacuum deposition painting is a method for creating a metallic surface layer by evaporating a material at high temperature and then applying it to a plastic product in a vacuum.
It is a lightweight, thin-film layer that does not incorporate poisonous substances.
There are primarily two type of vacuum deposition paints: undercoats for later deposition and vacuum deposition topcoats.
This type of paint is widely used, including in lighting parts in automobiles, accessories, and miscellaneous items.

Undercoat deposition

This is a base coat for vacuum deposition plating that takes place later. In addition to the purpose of covering a product’s surface,
it offers a mirror like appearance and improves the adhesion of a topcoat on a product base. We offer a wide line of undercoats for vacuum deposition used in light reflectors and decorative items matching the customers’ needs.

Topcoat deposition

This is a finish paint for vacuum deposition plating. It is used to protect the mirrored surface of the undercoat. This is also used to add color to a surface. By adding dyes or pigments, it offers additional functionality, not limited to protecting the mirrored appearance. It is often used as a top coat on cosmetic packaging and high-quality decorations.

Vacuum deposition paint 
on light reflectors

Vacuum deposition paint