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Company name Toyo Kogyo Toryo Co., Ltd.
Incorporated March 1, 1959
Capitalization 10 million yen
President Hiroshi Kaki
Business lines Develop, manufacture, and sales of paint applied
in a vacuum and of metallic paint for lamps.
Location [ Headquarters and factory ]
2-4-22, Tajiri, IchikawaCity, Chiba, 272-0014, Japan
TEL: +81-47-379-2235
FAX: +81-47-377-8970

[ Toke plant ]
2-6-17, Ohno-dai, Midori Ward, ChibaCity, Chiba
TEL: +81-43-205-5810
FAX: +81-43-205-6630

[ Osaka branch office ]
2-37, Fukuei Cho, YaoCity, Osaka, 581-0844, Japan
TEL: +81-72-998-3050
FAX: +81-72-998-3119

Since we do not have English speaking staff
regularly, for any inquiries
please send us an email.
Affiliated Company Toyo Kogyo Toryo(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.


1959 Incorporated in FunabashiCity, Chiba with 250 thousand yen of capital.
1961 Increased capitalization to one million yen.
1962 Started manufacturing paints for plastic products.
1963 Increased capitalization to 5 million yen.
1964 Moved the headquarters and factory to Baraki, IchiharaCity, Chiba.
1968 Opened a branch office in YaoCity, Osaka.
1970 Moved the headquarters and factory to the current location.
1971 Started manufacturing paints for automobile light reflectors.
1984 25th year anniversary. Completed a new building.
1985 Increased capitalization to 10 million yen.
Started to export to China, Korea, Thailand, India, and Indonesia.
1987 Started mass production of UV paints
1989 Completed 2nd management office building.
2004 Obtained ISO9001:2000 certification.
2008 Completed Toke plant.
2013 Established Toyo Kogyo Toryo(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
(2014 Opened the Toyo Kogyo Toryo (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. office.)
2015 Opened the new Research & Development center in Toke factory.